‘Many Women Have Ended Up In Yaba Left Because Of Men’s Promiscuous Ways’ – Toke Makinwa


'Many Women Have Ended Up In Yaba Left Because Of Men’s Promiscuous Ways' - Toke Makinwa
Toke Makinwa

Nigerian media personality, Toke Makinwa has waded into the trending paternity scandal involving the Managing Director of the First City Monument Bank (FCMB), Adam Nuru and a former employee of the bank, Moyo Thomas.

Information Nigeria gathered that Moyo’s estranged husband, Tunde Thomas, had died of depression after discovering that the two children from their marriage were allegedly fathered by the FCMB boss.

The news generated mixed reactions among social media users, who shared their sentiments.

Makinwa, who got tired of women being villainized, mentioned that men are also guilty of being promiscuous.

In her words;

“I will never encourage cheating but the guys going and on about this DNA matter need to fall back, pls. Men have been having a whole ass family on the side for ages, some women found out after the death of their husbands about love child outside, pls stop shouting

“Things happen, people cheat, people lie, nothing new. Again I will never support cheating or deceit but all the “fear women” talk is not necessary at all.

“You are shouting “fear women” yet you cheat on your wife, women too fear men, let’s all fear each other so we can all respect ourselves. 2021 is all about fearing eachother”


The media personality also shared a sad tale about how a woman found out that her late husband had kids with his secretary.

She tweeted;

“#TrueStory a man had kids with his secretary and allowed both his kids with his wife and secretary attend same secondary school, Only the mothers visited, sometimes they arrived together on visiting day. Not until he died did they all find out they are all siblings. #Fearmen

“Imagine the kind of heartbreak the wife felt, losing her husband and having to find out the kids of his secretary that she accommodated were his. Not one but two, how do you mourn this situation? Where do you begin?”


A Twitter user then explained that the reason why women are being vilified, stating that it would take ages for them to get caught unlike men.

“The reason for the “fear women “ is when men do it’s not so deep. But when women do, it will take the ancestors to uncover it and it’s usually very deep So men fear women ohh and women fear men. Case settled abi,” the man tweeted.

In response to this, Makinwa asked the tweep if he knows how many women have gone insanse over men’s promiscuous ways.

Her tweet reads;

“Did you read the story I shared about the man and his secretary? Do you know how many women have ended up in yaba left? Deep!!!!!”

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