Mixed Reactions As Iyabo Ojo Shares Photo Of Her Late Father

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo has generated lots of comments on Instagram after she shared a photo of her late father, Felix Adekunle Ogunro.

According to the mother of two, her father died 19 years ago and she thinks she looks more like him than her mum.

Sharing a photo of the deceased, the 43-year-old wrote;

“This is my late papa…. Felix Adekunle Ogunro, he died 19 years ago ……….. I think I look more like him … what do you think?”

See how some of Iyabo‘s followers and colleagues reacted to her question below;

@ucheelendu wrote “Awww you look just like him. May his soul keep resting in the lord”

@chygurrl wrote “You are mom’s carbon copy of you ask me. Maybe you took your dad’s colour”

@chinnyinthesky_ayanfeolodumare wrote “Your son looks like him”

@titilayo1982 wrote “Very handsome may he continue to Rest In Peace. You are a mix of mummy and daddy. But you favor mummy more”

@segfade wrote “Chai! See fine man….now I understand the bravery and finest DNA….Papa Aladukè continue to rest perfectly in the Lord”

@blemishcarecosmetics_lagos wrote “This man fine pass you sis @iyaboojofespris he looks too good”

@iam_jummybare wrote “A bit I think. You look exactly like your mum”

@realtorabuja wrote “If your Daddy was a woman come stand and you stand, na your daddy ladies go rush pass. He was handsome, no xx”

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