Rage Media: The Millennial Company Running Abuja’sAdvertising Scene

In an industry dominated by an older workforce, it’s a pleasant surprise to discover that the powerhouse media company giving stiff competition to some of the greats is a room filled with creative cool-kids. Boasting a clientele of both local and international brands of medium and large scale businesses, Rage Media has become a force to keep an eye out for.

When you first walk through their doors, the most stunning observation you can make about Rage Group, besides the pristine ambiance of a gorgeous office and the large, hollow car in the corner, decorated with graffiti, has to be the startling amount of young people you find busy at work. It makes you wonder if the secret ingredient to their stunning success and rapid climb to one of the leading advertising agencies in Nigeria is because of the youth at their core. At Rage, young people are in full control, starting from the Founder, Mr. George
Omoraro, a multi-faceted leader who is yet to strike 30.

Within a space filled practically humming with vibrant youthful energy, their end results continue to be over 1000+ content generated monthly and mind-blowing campaigns that are beginning to shape a new creative front for the advertising industry in the nation. Rage Media has positioned itself as a millennial-centric team of creatives who stop at nothing to ensure excellence is delivered. One look at their social media pages (@theragegroup on Instagram and @ragegroupng on Twitter) gives you a deep sense of FOMO; from the evident joy they get from their job to their strong team-bond and insightful info into the business of marketing.

It would appear the CEO of this company, Mr. George Omoraro has hacked harnessing the creativity of youth to sell for brands. The engine of the company and a literal genius who can compose the perfect campaign to sell almost anything, he is a juggernaut force that not only raises the bar but breaks ceilings along the way. His profound knowledge in the field and capability to roll up his sleeves and contribute his own creative flair to the process is quite admirable and an important component of any successful business. And then you have Oluwapelumi Fadairo whose mastery of research and strategy helps drive the Strategy and Intelligence aspect of the business. Joshua Theophilus and Temitope Babaoye leading the Design and Copy teams respectively ensure the creative juices in the company are optimized to meet their clients’ goals while  Adeyemi Sangolana and Sonia Osayandemanage the business and their stakeholders.

The brains of the company and expert strategist, Oluwapelumi is the hallmark of what an effective team lead should be, focused and determined to give direction to the creative discord a room full of geniuses can give. The perfect wordsmith that sharpens those under her with her sleek experience and team spirit, Rage’s Lead Copywriter and Content creator, Temitope is a well that never runs dry. A creative force in any space, she is the second engine of the company, patient and organized, reliable, and trustworthy in delivering more than what is expected.

The most beautiful thing about Rage is they have a workforce that exhibits individual traits but comes together to form a symphony of respect and love for the craft and each other.

Without a doubt, the reason for the perfect harmony of different parts of the effective machine they’ve formed is to satisfy their clients. The results they want is what the team strives to achieve at the end of each working day. So far, they’re doing a great job.

Rage is young. Rage is skilled. Rage is the future.  You can visit their website to see for yourself www.ragemediaglobal.com


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