Bandits Gathering Money To Purchase Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Says Gumi

Bandits Gathering Money To Purchase Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Says Gumi
Sheikh Gumi

Islamic cleric, Sheik Abubakar Gumi, has disclosed that bandits operating in the forests of the northern states are planning to acquire anti-aircraft missiles to repeal attacks by the military.

Recall that Gumi recently went into forests in Zamfara State, to discuss with bandits.

The cleric stated that his interaction with the bandits showed that they engage in kidnapping and collection of ransom for the purpose of raising money to buy weapons.

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After the meeting, he asked the federal government to forgive and compensate them, saying most of them (bandits) had lost all their possessions to cattle rustling and extortion.

Speaking in an interview with The PUNCH, the cleric stated that the activities of bandits may become a full-blown insurgency if the government does not act fast.

Gumi said bandits know the terrain of the forests better than the military which puts them at an advantage, insisting that the best tactic is not to use force but to “pacify” them.

He also alleged that the bandits have informants within the Nigerian military.

He asked the government to embrace dialogue in dealing with the bandits to forestall the spread of their criminal activities to other regions of the country.


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