Cryptocurrency Ban: Nigeria Unprepared To Embrace The Future – Ezekwesili

Cryptocurrency Ban: Nigeria Unprepared To Embrace The Future – Ezekwesili
Former Nigeria’s minister of Education, Dr Obaigeli Ezekwesili

Former Minister of Education, Oby Ezekwesili has expressed that has condemned the decision of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to ban cryptocurrency in the country.

Ezekwesili made this remark while reacting to the apex bank’s ban on cryptocurrency trading via a Twitter post on Saturday.

The former Minister described the CBN policy as ‘regress-into-the-Stone Ages-policy.’

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She wrote in a series of tweets:

“Now, whenever I see an egregious regress-into-the-Stone Ages-policy move by @NigeriaGov or its @cenbank and recall something one had previously said on same issue, only a SMH follows.
I’ll repost tweets from my September 2020 Keynote speech @BlockchainNG conference.
Na waaa.

“Frankly @cenbank, all you needed to do was, map all the legitimate risks associated with #cryptocurrency and gather a subset of the super brilliant Nigerian young minds in #FinTech so you listen and learn more.
Learning is the greatest asset of the policy-maker. Never late. ✍🏾

“Our country’s DNA for irony is uncanny.

“At the same moment as we celebrate one of our own leading a global trade institution, we have a memo from our Central Bank making country appear unprepared to embrace the future.

“You can’t write this script.