Diane Releases Stunning Photos To Mark Her 25th Birthday

Diane Russet
Diane Russet

Popular reality star, Diane Russet released a couple of stunning photos via Instagram to mark her 25th birthday.

The reality star cum actor turned a year older on Sunday and she penned a special birthday message tribute to herself.

Diane wrote;

“Happy Birthday Omolola
There’s a whole lot I will type and want to say to myself
I am 25, it feels good, and although I thought my birthday was going to be different this year anyways let’s say life happens.

I’m thankful to God for seeing me through it all.
Today I just pray God continues to give me direction and a spirit to discern.
I’m thankful for the lessons I learned at 24, I do hope I can apply them this year.
Thankful for growth and everything in between.
I pray God continues to show off and show up for me.

I’m far from perfect but I’m evolving, unlearning, and learning.
Happy Birthday Diane

Baba God I need more money in my account, more jobs, and sponsors for Ricordi season 2.
Everything I put my hands on go work
My name go open doors
Me sef go be a boss
Kamala go be my friend
My business no go bring pain
Good news go locate me
Strangers go favor me
I go sign that big cheque
Bad people no go pull me down
Long-life go follow me
I go make my family proud
One day I go born twins
Thank you”

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See her post below: