How To Improve Your Sudoku Gameplay Skills

While playing ​Sudoku​, have you reached a point where you are wondering how you can improve your Sudoku gameplay skills? This question might come naturally if you have solved easy Sudoku and are looking forward to medium or even expert sudoku. Like any other gaming skills, you can also improve your Sudoku skills for sure. Before we tell you how to improve your Sudoku skills, here’s a quick overview of the game. Sudoku comprises nine rows and columns. Each row and column should have each digit from 1 to 9 once. Further, the 3×3 block should also contain 1-9 digits once. Sounds easy? Well, playing and solving it is tough! So, let’s now dive in to know how you can master the game of Sudoku.

1. Set a 5-minute timer
Sometimes, you can solve a Sudoku puzzle in an hour or two. Ask yourself, do you really want to spend so much time just because it’s available in a game of Sudoku? Forget about even the time-consuming nature of this gaming behaviour, will you really get an adrenaline rush? It’s best for you if you set a timer of 5 minutes and focus on playing Sudoku only. When you impose this time in the game, your mind becomes highly focused and as you keep doing it, in no time, you will exactly be able to solve Sudoku within a few minutes.

2. Break the Sudoku grid and focus on a single column, row or square
At the first glance, a 9×9 grid can look overwhelming. The same reaction also happens when you set a very big goal for yourself. Don’t we all prefer to break the big goal into tiny achievable goals which ultimately leads to accomplishing the big goal that you have set for yourself? The same trick can also be applied while playing Sudoku. Instead of focusing on the entire, take one step at a time. Focus on a single column, row or square and then keep progressing in the game.

3. Practice one technique till you master it
There are many techniques to solve Sudoku like Number Pairs technique. It is advisable that each day, you take a few minutes to learn a new technique. However, simply learning it won’t be enough! Practice this new technique every day till you master it. It will be extremely hard to complete expert level sudoku if you just mastered the easy so instead skipping, play ​medium sudoku​ level so you progress gradually.

4. Give yourself a fast start
Overanalyzing the Sudoku grid will result in overthinking too. The result? You will become hesitant to place any number in the grid till you mentally solve the entire Sudoku. It won’t lead to anywhere. Instead, focus on your instinct and give yourself a fast start. Again, when you set a 5-minute timer, you won’t have much time to overanalyze the game.

5. Never give up
Sometimes, when a game of Sudoku becomes very time-consuming, the player often gives up. How will you ever master any skill if you give up when you face a real challenge? No matter how tough the Sudoku is, make a promise to yourself to solve it, no matter what. You might discover new ways of playing games. However, that’s a healthy attitude to have, not only while playing a game but also, in life. If you think that a particular game of Sudoku is becoming too time-consuming, you can just learn new techniques to solve Sudoku and apply it to your game.

6. Practise regularly
It is important to be consistent to master any skill. When you play Sudoku regularly, you will master it in no time. The trick here is to be consistent. Each day learn a new technique, practise it and master it. Be consistent and never give up. Also, don’t forget to club your consistency with the 5-minute timer to get the optimum result.
Playing Sudoku shouldn’t have to be time-consuming. If you just keep learning new techniques every other day and practice playing Sudoku for up levelling your skills, you will master the game. All you need to have is dedication towards improving your Sudoku gameplay skills. Here’s another piece of advice: don’t keep playing from a single source. There are myriad options available online. Try your hands on them to come across new puzzles.


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