How to make your startup a success like Specscart?

Starting a new business is always exciting. But the real struggle starts when you have to make things work for your business. While it is good to think that your idea will disrupt the market, one must always be ready for the worst.

Today, we will throw some light on one such startup that has made its mark in a short amount of time. If you dream of having your own startup some day, you can learn from Specscart’s story and how they managed to make a place for themselves in the cut-throat eyewear market.

To begin with, Specscart is an eyewear startup based in Manchester, UK. The idea behind the formation of Specscart is to make available high-quality designer glasses at affordable prices.

To speak of its achievements, Specscart won the Albert Gubay Enterprise Award in 2017 which also got it a small retail space in Walkden City Centre. The achievements do not end here. Let’s know what your startup needs to become a success like Specscart.

Your business story

To connect with your customer, your startup needs to have a back story – how your business came to be? What drove the business idea?

If you have stepped into an industry just because you found it to be profitable, there is no way your audience will resonate with you.

For instance, the idea of Specscart was brought into the picture when its founder, Siddharth Sethi broke his eyeglasses just a day before his exam. When he went on to buy a new one, he was shocked to see the price. It drove him to create Specscart – a place where you can find quality prescription or non-prescription glasses at pocket-friendly rates.

Let your readers in on the story behind your business. Not only will they feel connected but it will give a human touch to your startup as well.

Know who your customers are

We are not implying that you know your customers by their names. But, you should know what your audience is looking for, the product quality and the price. This will need you to dig deep into your industry and maybe a close assessment of business strategies of the top players in the market.

Poor researching leads to a bad product outcome. Also, the demand for your product never remains the same. So try and adjust your product according to the changing market dynamics.

What you offer?

What you offer answers the most common question – why should your customers buy from you. There are so many players in your industry who are doing what you do. So, what makes you different? And what is in your services for your customers? These are the questions that your business should answer clearly in its offerings.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by becoming better than them. Specscart gained its popularity by selling affordable or low-cost glasses that are also of good quality. Where most industry players work to pull their prices up, Specscart diligently works to pull its prices down.

Let your passion take the front seat

Successful startups are always on the lookout for opportunities to disrupt the market. If you want to be your customers’ favourite, you have to be ahead of your competitors and that will only happen when you create new market values.

Taking the example of Specscart, it was started in 2017 with the idea of turning the boring eyeglasses into a fast-moving fashionable accessory. Every step they take, be it their new glasses collection or service, they make sure that they provide the perfect fusion of fashion and function in their glasses.

Always come with something new

Your chances of success increases if you have some innovation and creativity in your business. Your business idea will get outdated some day if you don’t feed it with new and latest innovations.

This will help you stay relevant in the dynamic market and get noticed by your customers. Nobody remembers who came in second. So if you are the first one to launch a service or  introduce an innovation, people are always going to remember you.

For instance, Specscart launched ‘Specscart Rocket’ to offer fastest glasses delivery in the UK. Who knows, maybe they will offer same day delivery for glasses some day?

The takeaway

We hope you now know the basics of starting not only a startup but a successful one. Different things work for different business types. You can learn something from the story of Specscart and what you need to make your entrepreneurial journey a bit easier.


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