“I Bought Landcruiser Prado With My Money” – Destiny Etiko

Destiny Etiko
Destiny Etiko

Nigerian actress, Destiny Etiko has once again refuted claims that a married oil businessman, Tein Jack-Rich bought her new swanky car for her.

The film star had an Instagram live session on Monday where she insisted that she purchased the Prado SUV with her hard-earned money.

Despite the immense criticism she has received, the actress stuck to her guns and she also claimed that she has never met the businessman.

Etiko said in the video;

It’s a car I bought. I did not kill somebody. I bought what I love. I love landcruiser Prado. I bought it with my money. Yes! I work hard. I earn money. Google Destiny Etiko, ask of Destiny Etiko. I work o hard. There is never a day I do not work. I work and I earn good money. 

So I love a car, I bought it. It’ nobody’s business. You people should leave an innocent man alone. Someone I have never met. 

Looking for whose name to spoil. Do you think it’s my name you’ll spoil? You people are promoting my name, you people don’t know. You people are saying nonsense.”

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Watch the video below:


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