I Won’t Cook Or Wash Any Clothes In My Marriage – Actress Jemima Osunde

Nollywood actress, Jemima Osunde has stated that she will not be doing any manual labour including cooking and cleaning in her marriage.

Taking to her Twitter page, the film star pens a Twitter thread on what she will not be doing when she gets married. She also gave her reasons.

In her words:

”You will get us a cook and laundry person. Or I will. Either way, I won’t be the one cooking and washing anybody’s clothes including mine & I don’t expect you to either boo. Marriage does not = manual labor that I don’t like, can afford to outsource & is really not necessary.

Sometimes, do the things you actually enjoy and forget them silly societal “duties” that this country tries to force on you. Actually enjoy your lifeee forgorsake!!! Especially when you can afford to. Life is short my G!

God forbid that I start doing what I wasn’t doing before (which I know is not sustainable) to keep anybody. There’s a huge difference between compromising in your relationship and subjecting yourself to slavery. Why do we like stressing ourselves nitori olorun? Ko ye mi

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Imagine that a man marries someone like me and expects me to be washing clothes. Broooo, you’re marrying me and my Comfort (Comfort is a person. My beautiful and loyal house staff that’ll wash your clothes and keep your house CLEAN!!!).

I didn’t suffer in my daddy’s house, I’m not suffering in my house and my the special grace of God, I won’t suffer in OUR house and you too baby! And you too. It’s for the two of us.”

See her full Twitter thread below:



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