“It is unfair” – Writer questions why Nigeria has Christian and Muslim holiday but none for traditional worshippers

Karimot Odebode has questioned why Nigeria has days to celebrate “introduced religions” like Christianity and Islam but none to celebrate traditional worshippers.

The writer/poet pointed out that each year Christians and Muslims have multiple public holidays but traditional worshippers have none to celebrate their deities.

She tweeted: “Nigeria is not an Islamic or Christian country. We had our religion, culture and tradition before the advent of Christianity and Islam.

“It’s unfair that we get to have public holidays for Christmas, Easter, Eid el fitr, Eid el adha, Boxing Day, Maulud Nabiy but no recognition of a day set aside for tradition worshippers to celebrate. No day set aside for the Yoruba to worship the Olodumare and the orisas (sango, Osun,oya, èsù etc)

“No day set aside for the Igbo to worship Chukwu, Ala or their Chi etc

“No day for any of the tribes to worship and celebrate their beliefs.

“We can’t keep marginalizing and disrespecting other people’s belief because of introduced religions.

“There are traditional worshippers in Nigeria, and the government should recognize them.”

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