Rosy Meurer Addresses Allegations That She Snatched Olakunle Churchill From Tonto Dikeh

Rosy Meurer
Rosy Meurer

Again, Nigerian actress, Rosy Meurer felt compelled to address rumors surrounding her marriage to businessman, Olakunle Churchill.

The actress caught flak on social media after it was revealed that she got married to her colleague, Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband.

Meurer recently released a video where she reacted to the allegations that she snatched her colleague’s ex-husband.

The film star said;

“Mr Churchill’s failed marriage has nothing to do with me. The same way you guys read and heard online that I was the reason for his broken marriage was the same way I read and heard online that I was the reason for his broken marriage.

Before then, I never knew that the relationship I had with him before he got married was a problem after he got married. I didn’t get the memo. No one confronted me. I was never aware of such. Whatever it is that happened in his marriage, I had no knowledge of.  The same way you read online of what  happened is the same way I read online what happened.

I mean, I knew him. Why would I wait for him to get married before I would start playing hide and seek? It doesn’t make sense.”

The film star also revealed that she stood by him after his marriage crashed and she never deserted him.

“After his marriage crisis and after he got divorced, I was still there. I never left. Why will accusations and people talking make me leave? Leave to where? I never left. I never abandoned him. Obviously he was a different person. Not much fun, not the normal fun bobly Mr Churchill that we used to play with and used to know. He was just off, devastated, broken, frustrated. His mind was never there. You could tell he had stuff on his mind. It was what it was.

Gradually days passed, months passed, years passed, life took its course. Destiny happened.

What I was accused of became my reality and my fate. What would be would be. You cannot change it. You cannot force it. I am not God. I mean, it just happened. I let God’s will take place in my life. I never forced myself on him. It just happened that he became more than a brother. He became a lifetime partner”

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Speaking further, the actress addressed an old interview where she described Churchill as a brother.

In her words;

”I did say that Mr Churchill was like a brother  to me but he is not my blood. My mother didn’t give birth to him. We don’t share the same father. That statement he is like a brother to me simply meant he is family. Mr Churchill has always been there for my family and I and it has always been that way.

Was I ever attracted to him or have I ever looked at him in any other way? No! Was he ever attracted to me? Who knows? That is not something I have control over. I was in a relationship. I was happy. A relationship that went sour due to the banter online when some accusations were made. Did I kill myself? No! I moved on. Life goes on.

After Mr Churchill got married, things were still the same. He was still there for my family and I. He will take my siblings and I out. I would invite friends, male or female. He never had a problem with it. We would have so much fun and when it was time to work, we would work. I am not a lazy youth. I have goals, aims and ambition. I have things that I want to achieve in life. Mr Churchill made that possible for me. He exposed me to a lot of opportunities and I am forever grateful.

When it came to work, it was always work. You would see us in places and that is because throughout me going around with him regards his foundation, I was learning the process. It had nothing to do with intimacy. It had nothing to do with me following him because I liked him. I did like him but like I said, like a brother, family.”

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