Singer Kelly Hansome Warns Linda Ikeji To Stop Publishing Stories About Him

Veteran Nigerian singer, Kelly Hansome has addressed a note of warning to popular blogger, Linda Ikeji. In the lengthy Instagram post, the ‘Maga Don Pay’ crooner tells the mother of one to stay away from his private business or else he will deal with her.

In his words:

”Can somebody pls beg/appeal to @officiallindaikeji to leave me the hell alone with her smelling Cutchie, captions & dirty skin? Watch your captions when next U write about people girl, especially me. Put respect on my name or it will be your undoing. I won’t stop when I start.

The next time U and/or your writers mention my name alongside another reckless caption without respect, I will open up a blog specifically for U & other bloggers who think they’re crazy & serve y’all a little bit of what U’ve been serving people for years now. I don’t play that bull & no amount of begging will pacify me.

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This is not a threat, it’s an appeal that I really do hope U ignore. If U keep defaming my character & putting your dirt on my reputation, it’ll be your downfall. I didn’t call any names on my post, U cannot help me insinuate lies, creating misunderstanding and confusion. Got no issues with U but I’m a different kind of animal when U disrespect me.

This is a gentle request; I don’t ever want to see my name on your blog again. Wait for my Pr to email U before U publish anything on KH. Whoever is going to beg me to stop or calm down better talk to U. Please beg her to stop with the defamation & careless captioning now. I won’t listen to jack. Quit playing with me Puppet, wepu aka Enwe n’ofe. ❌ #keepmynameoutyourmouth #lindaikejiblog #9jaPuppet”

See his post below:


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