Akeredolu: Few People Can’t Wake Up And Say They Want ‘Yoruba Nation’

Akeredolu: Few People Can’t Wake Up And Say They Want ‘Yoruba Nation’
Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu has expressed that a few people can’t declare the establishment of “Yoruba nation,” without considering the general interest of the south-west region.

He stated this while speaking on Tuesday when he featured on a programme on Channels Television.

Recall that on Monday, Akeredolu warned popular Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Igboho and others calling for secession to stay away from Ondo State. 

Speaking on Tuesday, Akeredolu stated that the issue of secession must be a consensus and not the opinion of a group of individuals.

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The Ondo governor maintained that those clamouring for secession do not speak for people of the state.

“It is a group of individuals who are raising this issue; they are entitled to it. Everybody is entitled to his own position, but when you come to the issue of nation or you want to leave a particular setup, there must be a consensus,” he said.

“Nobody can on his own wake up and say he is speaking on behalf of others. Who gave them such powers? We have never yielded power to people to speak on our behalf on matter of this importance. That is what we are saying.

“A few people cannot just stand up one day and say to us, ‘yes, we want Yoruba nation.’ How? Where did we sit down to discuss this? With who and who? At what point in time? So, if you do not carry everybody along, you cannot be representing us.”