Cardi B Defends Her Performance Of ‘WAP’ At Grammy Awards

Controversial American rapper, Cardi B, has spoken in defence of her ‘WAP’ performance at the 63rd Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony.

The rapper has been under fire from conservative author and political commentator, Candace Owens for her raunchy performance with Megan Thee Stallion on the Grammys stage.

California State governorship candidate, Errol Webber also weighed in to criticize the mother of one for practising immorality away from her daughter’s eyes.

Cardi B was not going to let the criticism go without a reply from her as she made a case for herself.

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Taking to her Twitter page to reply Webber, she wrote:

The Grammies are PG .That means parental guidance.Meaning is your job like it is to mine to my child to monitor what they watch. My performance was around 10 pm on a Sunday Your child should be in bed ready for school the next day why are they up watching Wap?”

See her tweet below:

The rapper’s tweet


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