Current Structure Hindering Nigeria’s Development — Aregbesola

Current Structure Hindering Nigeria’s Development — Aregbesola

Minister of Interior, Rauf Aregbesola, has expressed that the current political arrangement is hindering the country from moving forward.

He stated that the current structure needed to be adjusted to enable its constituent parts to have access to more resources for development.

He spoke on Friday in Ibadan, Oyo State, after his investiture as the grand patron of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, South-West zone.

Aregbesola, at the event, however, explained that this was his personal opinion and not the stance of the Federal Government.

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Aregbesola said, “The argument that the current political configuration holds down the country may be admissible to a large extent and we need to adjust our structure, both politically and economically.

“Nigeria needs to ensure maximum exploration and use of the resources by the constituent parts of the Federation with a view to encouraging healthy competition and broadening the space for mass participation in wealth creation.

“Nigerians need to create a Nigeria where individuals can find fulfilment in life, even as they tread the narrow path of honesty, hard work and sincerity.

“They need to create a nation where justice reigns and no man is oppressed, where merit can elevate to the top and the content of a man’s or woman’s character is enough guarantee of enjoying the benefits of a prosperous federal society.”

He, however, pointed out that secession or going to war were only going to compound the problems of the country.