Instead Of Giving Regular Women Your Money, Give It To The Less Privilege- Reno Omokri

Nigerian author and politician, Reno Omokri has dished out an advice to men to be prudent with how they give out money to people.

According to Reno, it is better to give out money to the less privileged than to give it out to people who are not related to you. He asked men not to give ear to people who always go about saying they are stingy simply because they refuse to give money to women.

He wrote: Dear men How many women did Christ give money? Did that make Him stingy? He gave to the poor. He gave to His disciples. He fed the multitude. Prove your generosity by helping the less privileged, not by helping entitled women you’re not married to

Dear men, You have no duty to give any woman who is not your wife, mother, or unmarried sister any money. It does not make you stingy. It makes you wise. Any woman accusing you of stinginess to guilt you into giving her money is a low level witch!

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