I’ve Never Felt Comfortable In My Skin – Alicia Keys

I've Never Felt Comfortable In My Skin - Alicia Keys

American singer, Alicia Keys has revealed that she has never felt comfortable in her own skin.

Taking to her Instagram page, the ‘Girl On Fire’ singer bares her insecurities and vulnerability to the public as she shared photos from her shoot with Allure magazine.

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The singer wrote:

I’ve never felt comfortable in my skin. I’ve never felt like I can depend on myself without having to check with 30 other people to make sure that my opinion is valid. But now I do, I like the way that I feel right now, and it took quite a while to get to this place. ⁣⁣It’s a process… eventually you get there. Be proud of your journey even with all the insecurity… we’re getting closer to ourselves. Big love to @allure 💜💜”

See her post below:

The singer’s post

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