Obasanjo Is Nigeria’s Best President Since 1999, Says Moghalu

Obasanjo Is Nigeria’s Best President Since 1999, Says Moghalu
Olusegun Obasanjo

Former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Kingsley Moghalu has expressed that Olusegun Obasanjo has been the best amongst the presidents Nigeria has had since 1999.

He stated that the former president was successful because “he was focused on Nigeria as his constituency, not his ethnic group.”

He made this statement on his social media page few days after Obasanjo marked his 84th birthday.

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Moghalu said, “OBJ, faults and all, is our best President since 1999. One key reason for his success is that he was focused on Nigeria as his constituency not his ethnic group. All his career was federal/international – nation-building, national security, economy, foreign affairs.

“So he thought like a president of Nigeria, not a provincial politician. Nigeria is a unique place. In advanced democracies, it is often the case that politicians start local and move upward. Because they have a real nation with a unity of purpose and destiny.

“Here, the presidency requires a transcendence of mind and action in order to provide the kind of leadership we need. Strong experience in federal and international institutions provides that necessary perspective for effective leadership of a country like ours.”



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    I wish your the next president
    a true patriot and great leader waiting to be unveiled
    God bless you my hero you will definitely achieved that thing god want to use for our great nation, No power will stop you. The enemy of your ambition will definitely expire before 2023
    It shall be well with you keep it simple your the Man! I love you Nigerian’s will soon discover your the best man for the job. a true stateman with genuine interest for our belong country. Your coming will heal the “broken nation” ruined by misguided leaders. the God Lord will protect you and your family from corrupted and wicked elite of our time.