Planning for a Long Bike Ride? Make Sure You Have The Roadside Assistance Add-on

Imagine you are on an amazing bike ride across a deserted road in the Indian heartlands. The wind is blowing in your hair and you are having the time of your life. Suddenly, you hear the sputtering of your bike, and very soon, it stops working due to battery issue. While you had been carrying extra fuel for emergencies, you have no idea what to do in such a situation. There seems to be no garage or anybody else that can help you nearby. What would you do in such a situation?

Situations like these are common experiences amongst bike owners and keeping that in mind, two-wheeler insurance providers came up with the roadside assistance add-on.

What is the roadside assistance add-on in bike insurance? 

With the help of this add-on, a policyholder can contact their insurance provider and get immediate help in a scenario where their bike has suffered some problem and help is difficult to find.

Many places do not have easy connectivity to garages. When one is traveling alone through such places, external help might be required to tow the bike, repair a flat tire, and get access to fuel, and so on. This is where roadside assistance add-on comes into view.

Let’s take a look at the situations in which the roadside assistance cover of your bike insurance policyadd-on can help you.

  1. Breakdown of the battery 

This is one of the most common issues faced by bike owners. Often, the worst part is that there is no warning of any sort when the battery is about to breakdown. Things could be going alright and suddenly, the battery gives way. This is especially common if the location happens to be very cold or the bike’s battery has not been given enough maintenance and regular checks.

In this scenario, your roadside assistance add-on would generally assist you in getting your bike’s battery started again.

  1. Towing services

Let’s admit it, bikes are heavy! When a bike gets damaged or suffers a breakdown that cannot be repaired on the spot, help might be required to take the bike to the nearest garage. This help could be particularly difficult to find if it is night or you are at a deserted location. Furthermore, you and your bike may also be easy targets for burglars too.

To get immediate help in such a situation, you can contact your two-wheeler insurance provider. They will send a representative who would help you tow your bike to the nearest garage where it can get repaired.

  1. Flat tire 

A flat tire is one of those things that even the most prepared rider would have experienced. Once it occurs, it is difficult to get the bike to the nearest garage because the bike gets heavier and the balance is difficult to maintain. Here, yhe roadside assistance add-on can be beneficial to you by providing you with the required assistance to replace the flat tire with a new, spare one.

  1. Fuel requirement 

Very few things are as bad for a bike rider as realizing that you have run out of fuel when there is no fuel station nearby. However, you do not have to worry if you have a roadside assistance add-on with your bike insurance policy. Simply inform the insurer of the situation you are in and they will send somebody with fuel to your location (provided that you are within the policy’s geographical limits). Post that, you can continue on your journey!

  1. Arrangement for alternate transport 

Sometimes, the repair for the bike may take more time than you had expected. If you are on your way to work for an urgent meeting or have to meet some other deadline, then you would require urgent alternate transport. Here too, your roadside assistance can be of help. Under this coverage, your two-wheeler insurance provider would arrange for alternate transport which can help you reach your destination on time.

  1. Arrangement for accommodation

If any problems occur to your bike at a late hour and the repair is going to take considerable time, then you would require a safe place to spend your night. Some bike insurance providers cover the accommodation aspect involved here as well.

  1. Minor repairs 

There might be many other situations in which your bike suddenly requires repair in the middle of nowhere. Maybe the snow has got in while you are riding in the mountains of Ladakh, or maybe it is the sands of the desert as you are riding alongside the dunes of Rajasthan. Whatever the complication is, you can connect with your two-wheeler insurance provider and get immediate help to get out of that situation.

Please note that the coverage under the roadside assistance add-on will vary between bike insurance providers. Some insurers may simply provide help in getting the bike to a garage but may not cover the costs of the repair that are incurred thereafter.

If you are planning to purchase this add-on, make sure to have a chat with your insurer regarding its coverage and limitations.

Will my NCB be affected if I use my roadside assistance add-on? 

Generally, using your roadside assistance add-on is not considered as raising a claim on your bike insurance policy. So, if you have maintained a claim-free streak, you can rest at ease knowing that you still qualify for the NCB. Do have a detailed discussion with your insurer whether they have any specific terms and conditions about the NCB if you use your roadside assistance add-on.

Who should purchase the roadside assistance add-on with their two-wheeler insurance policy?

Though this add-on can be helpful for all types of bike owners, there are some who will find it immensely helpful. These include –

  1. Those who love taking their bikes for long rides – This add-on will ensure that you get urgent help when required and that the bike ride continues smoothly.
  2. Those whose jobs require them to travel long distances – The roadside assistance add-on can be beneficial for salesmen, distributors, and working professionals who live far away from their workplace.
  3. If you have plans to travel long distance on your bike during the monsoons – Do ensure to get this add-on with your bike insurance policy. The probability of your bike facing breakdown and other issues is more common in this season due to waterlogging in many areas.

We hope this article has helped you understand roadside assistance add-on of your two-wheeler insurance in a better way. Have a safe journey!


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