What is the best automated Forex trading software?

Automatic Forex robots/trading software are a reality these days, a great help for both experienced and beginner traders to get the most out of their money in buying and selling operations in the Forex market. But, first of all I would like to quickly explain what a Forex trading software (robot) is, for those who are not yet very familiar with the subject. Well, an automatic Forex robot is a program that is responsible for carrying out buying and selling operations automatically within the currency market.

One of the advantages of using these programs is that they are designed to get the most out of investors’ money, since they always carry out buying and selling operations under the most favorable conditions. And this is very interesting since a trader investing on his account will not always be able to see the opportunities at the right time. Luckily for investors, there are automatic Forex robots that do the most complicated work. In fact, I can say that there are many traders, even the most professional who make millions every month, who currently use these automatic Forex robots to carry out their trades. There are many sites providing automated trading software, one of them is Forextime.

Using automatic robots has great advantages. Thanks to these programs, traders only have to worry about editing some parameters such as the percentage of risk they are willing to assume or the amounts of money they intend to invest in each operation. This is already done by the robot. With these robots, any trader, even if they have little knowledge of the Forex market, will be able to operate in a much simpler way and with great results.

On the other hand, these automatic Forex robots are the perfect solution to invest with the lowest risk. Traders often see opportunities where there really are none, they get carried away by the emotion of the moment and take risks in operations that later do not give the results we had imagined.

But what is the best robot/automated Forex trading software?

Almost all automated Forex trading software have the same working principles. In order to make a good choice between them, looking at the background of the company that shelters them is a wise decision. Based on our experience, the FXTM trading robot is one of the best. We will not discuss the specifications but the background of the companies that support them.

ForexTime Ltd is arguably a trusted brokerage company. This broker has received permission from an international regulator from Cyprus.

This broker has a license from the Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) Cyprus with license number CIF 185/12. In addition, this broker has a license from the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) South Africa with FSP number 46614, and is also registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority with number 600475.

Thanks to all the advantages it has, the FXTM broker has won many awards. In fact, most of the awards were at the international level.


They are Best Trading Conditions 2018 (World Finance), Best FX Broker Asia 2018 (World Finance), Best Forex Broker Russia 2018 (FXDailyInfo), Most Innovative Broker 2018 (FXEmpire), Best Sell-Side Analysis Contributor (FXStreet Awards, 2016) . In addition, FXTM has also been awarded as Most Trusted Broker (MENA 14th, 2015), Best Broker and Affiliate Program (Forex Report Awards, 2015), and Fastest Order Execution (Forex Traders Award, 2015).

Choosing the best robot may be a subjective matter but if you look at the company that houses an automated trading software, FXTM automated Forex trading software is the best. A broker with multiple awards certainly won’t create bad software.


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