Why You Should Choose an Online Nursing Program

If you want to become a nurse, you need a nursing degree which can either be an associate’s or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Online nursing programs have become popular in recent years because of the benefits and advantages they offer over earning a nursing degree the traditional way. Here are some of those benefits and advantages to help you see why enrolling in an online nursing program is a great option.

Study Anywhere

Online programs are great because they offer a compromise that traditional programs do not; students can learn and earn their degrees from anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection and a computer, you can study, complete assignments, and even collaborate with other students. The ability to study while living with your parents to save costs or traveling the world is an attractive prospect for most of the people who enroll in these online programs.

You Can Set Your Schedule Accordingly

Traditional degree options require that you have a set schedule for waking up and arriving at the campus. Online degrees do not have these restrictions as you can wake up and attend class whenever you want. By being able to attend class and study whenever you wish, you can have a lot more time to do the things you love such as volunteering or even working.

One thing you need to know is that if you are to enroll in an online nursing program due to a flexible schedule, you need to cultivate proper time management skills. Assignments still have to be completed on time and you need to attend a percentage of your classes before a set date to earn credits for that class.

Lower Cost

There are several reasons why online programs are cheaper than traditional ones. First, many universities pass the savings of not having to maintain classes or their facilities to their students. Second, students do not incur the costs often associated with attending a university. These include costs like transportation, rent or boarding, or even lunch which can be quite expensive in a campus setting.

Accelerated Options

If you need to earn a nursing degree fast, there are lots of online programs to choose from. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) usually takes 4 years, but with accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) programs, you can earn your degree in a lot less time. Enrolling in online ABSN programs at institutions like Baylor University can prepare you for a career in nursing in about 12 months.

Tailored Programs

Many universities are starting to offer tailored nursing degrees depending on the type of career you would like to have. For example, some universities offer degrees tailored towards nurses who would like to become family nurse practitioners while others are geared towards students who would like to follow the administrative path.

This diversification has allowed students to tailor their careers accordingly and earn the right degree instead of applying for certifications later in their careers.

Study While Working

Career advancement is one of the most common reasons for enrolling in an advanced degree program. People seeking these degrees often want to develop new skills or learn the most up-to-date strategies and practices in their industry.

An online master’s or doctorate nursing degree allows you to keep working while earning your degree. It is also a great addition to your resume as it shows you can handle the pressures of working while earning a degree.

If you want to work while earning an online degree, you need to find a balance between studying and personal commitments. Things can go wrong if you do not plan and divide your time accordingly.

Access to Learning Materials

A common challenge for students is not having access to a lecture or the right learning materials once a lecture is one. With online classes, anything you need will be posted online. You can go back and re-watch previous lectures. Additionally, your lecturers will put all the learning materials you need in one place so you can find them easily. This way you do not have to dig through different books at a library to find the learning or reference material you need.


Everyone learns differently; some students understand the material the first time it is taught, while others may need to make a few passes before they understand everything. By having learning materials available to them, students who want to take their time learning a new topic can revisit the topic as many times as they want. They can also enhance their learning experience by having more studying material open when re-watching lectures. This can help them not only understand the material better, but it can also help them score higher in tests and evaluations.

Flexible Prerequisites

When you enroll in an ABSN program, you will be required to have completed some prerequisites. You might have completed these prerequisites before you enroll meaning that you will not have to take those courses or subjects again. Also, if you already have a degree in a scientific field, it is possible to transfer some of your credit to a master’s degree in nursing. This can significantly cut the amount of time you take to complete your program.


Online nursing programs let you choose a university that is closest to you. Often, you will get access to programs that are not offered by universities in your area. You may also live in a rural area that does not have any accredited universities. Online programs let you attend these universities without having to move as you would have to do if you enrolled in a traditional program.

Online nursing programs are becoming very popular, especially for those who would like an advanced degree or a degree with a focus on a certain nursing discipline. Enrolling in an online program will afford you lots of benefits, some of which we have looked at above. When enrolling, ensure that the program offers everything you are looking for so you can get the most out of it and graduate with the degree of your choice.


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