Yoruba Nation: Stay Away From Ondo, Akeredolu Warns Igboho, Others

Yoruba Nation: Stay Away From Ondo, Akeredolu Warns Igboho, Others
Rotimi Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu has warned popular Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Igboho and others agitating for a sovereign Yoruba State to stay away from the state.

Akeredolu expressed that Ondo people have elected to stay in the Federal Republic of Nigeria as constituted at present.

Akeredolu made this known while swearing-in Princess Catherine Oladunni Odu as the new Secretary to the State Government and other Special Advisers on Monday.

He stated that the state would not subscribe to banditry and recklessness in putting forth its demands.

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He said no part of the entire state, known and delineated as Ondo State, would permit any gathering or agitation which may suggest, however remotely, that the people are in support of what he termed ‘unthinking rabble-rousing.’

He stated that the right of citizens to discuss, agitate and even fight to right perceived wrongs, culminating in self-determination, must be done within known and acceptable parameters.

He also expressed that all concerned must agree to pursue the same objectives to achieve a desirable or desired end.

He noted that the reasons for the declaration of hostilities must not be fleeting fancies of disaffection engendered by perceived politics of exclusion for personal benefits.