Banditry: U.S Advises Citizens Against Travelling To Nigeria

The United States government has advised its citizens to reconsider travel to Nigeria as a result of the security threats in some parts of the country.

In its latest travel advisory, the government decried the spate of crime, terrorism, civil unrest, kidnapping, and maritime crime, stressing that some areas have increased risk.

“Violent crime – such as armed robbery, assault, carjacking, kidnapping, hostage-taking, banditry, and rape – is common throughout the country.

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“Kidnappings for ransom occur frequently, often targeting dual national citizens who have returned to Nigeria for a visit, as well as U.S. citizens with perceived wealth. Kidnapping gangs have also stopped victims on interstate roads,” the U.S. government said.

It was worried that terrorists have continued to plot and carry out attacks in Nigeria, especially in the North East.

According to the government, terrorists may attack with little or no warning, targeting shopping centres, malls, markets, hotels, places of worship, restaurants, bars, schools, government installations, transportation hubs, and other places where crowds gather.


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