Insecurity: This Is Not Time To Impeach Buhari, Says Senator

Insecurity: This Is Not Time To Impeach Buhari, Says Senator

Senator representing Niger east, Mohammed Sani Musa has expressed that this is not the time for a motion seeking the impeachment of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He made this known when he spoke with journalists in Abuja on Tuesday.

Musa stated that impeachment is another “crisis” that the country does not need.

Musa gave this explanation when he was queried on the reason lawmakers have not made a move to remove Buhari from office over the worsening security situation of Nigeria.

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“You and I know what impeachment is all about. It’s another crisis into another crisis. Why do we need that now? What we need is solution,” the lawmaker said.

“We need this country to come back to where we were in terms of peace. I will rather prefer a situation where all the operations of government is directed at security.

“Anything we are going to do in this country, should be towards tackling insecurity. We are not safe. No leader, from councillor to the president, that will sleep with two eyes closed.

“I do not subscribe to a situation whereby, because we have the legislative powers to impeach, that we are bringing a motion for impeachment.

“This is not the time for a motion on impeachment.”