Pictures of human-feet shoes surface on social media

A rare shoe invention has sparked huge debate among Nigerians.

Creativity is said to involve breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way, but an unusual shoe invention has torn social media users apart.

The shoe style, in photos shared on Twitter by @LifeOfNapaul, was modeled after a human-feet.

The Twitter user expressed shock that such a shoe style exists.

Like normal footwear, it also came in different sizes, colours and shoe packaging.

Many tweeps frowned at the footwear they described as awkward and weird. Some thought it looked scary. There were those who hilariously said it was made for Celestian faithfuls, a group of Christians in Nigeria popular for walking barefooted.

@Nebbukadnezzarr said: “Make Our Auntys Dem No Carry eye See this1..our whatsApp nogo be the same again.. “Ritualists Cuts Human Feets”

@Poshangel8 wrote: “When you thought you have seen it all then….Boom!! You open Twitter”

@Tarelayefa3 commented: “This that Air Celemax. Incorporate and umbrella and leather patch for the JW dons. Talk about inclusivity”

@Samuel4_4 reacted: “Later nah one preacher will say that we should not wear it nah leg of queen of ghost….”

@ElizabethBusari thought: “Wait o “Do they expect the toes to fit into the toes of the shoe cos not everyone has the same type of toes.”

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