Ubi Franklin ‘Curses’ Lady Who Called Him Father Of All Nation

Music executive Ubi Franklin has cursed a lady and her entire generation for calling him the father of all nations because he has numerous kids.

The lady commenting on a post o Ubi Franklin called him the father of all nations without hesitation and Ubi Franklin reacting to that cursed the lady and her entire generation that his sons will live a better life than them.


Ubi Franklin really got furious with the comment of the lady hence turned the table around saying the lady calling her father of all nation doesn’t even know her father who is probably a beggar under a bridge somewhere.

Adding that his kids will definitely have a better life than her and her entire generation as he is taking good care of them making sure they have a better life unlike her who doesn’t even know her father who is a beggar under some bridge.

Ubi Franklin has 5 children with different women but then makes sure to be in the life of all his kids so they don’t miss their father as well as perform his duty as a father therefore whether he has numerous children or not, the fact that he’s taking responsibility is all that matters.

screenshot below;

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