Baba Ijesha: ‘Stop Playing God’, Actor Faduri Warns Iyabo Ojo

Baba Ijesha: 'Stop Playing God', Actor Faduri Warns Iyabo Ojo

Nollywood actor, Joseph Faduri, has come for his female colleague, Iyabo Ojo in a new video posted on social media over the ongoing rape case of Baba Ijesha and the 14-year-old minor.

The actor criticized Iyabo for taking a strong stand in the case and castigating everyone with a contradictory opinion.

Faduri further stated that Iyabo herself is a rape victim but she has not revealed the identities of the men whom she claimed raped her even though they are also a danger to the society.

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He then asked why Baba Ijesha’s case is being treated differently, adding that although he is not in support of what Baba Ijesha did, people should allow the law to take its due course.

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