“She Called My Child An Imbecile” – Lizzy Anjorin Reignites Feud With Toyin Abraham

"She Called My Child An Imbecile" - Lizzy Anjorin Reignites Feud With Toyin Abraham

Nollywood actress, Lizzy Anjorin has reignited her beef with Toyin Abraham.

Anjorin, in a recent video circulating social media, addressed the bullying and trolling she has been facing from Abraham’s fans known as Toyin Titans, with regard to her getting delivered of a newborn baby in the US.

Anjorin said that Toyin created fake Instagram accounts to bully her and claim that she did not carry the pregnancy herself nor did she give birth in Florida, USA.

Anjorin further said that she has never instigated her fans against Abraham because she is not as jobless and evil as her.

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Anjorin added that the war between she and Abraham is not fuelled by fanbases but by Toyin herself who is so jobless and wicked that she will go to the extent of creating fake accounts just to pull her down.

Anjorin also said that Toyin started their beef a long time ago when she referred to her first child as an imbecile. She added that she does not live a fake life like Toyin does which is why she has kept her first child off social media despite Toyin’s insults and name-calling.

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