What People In Nigeria Do For Entertainment

Nigeria is a country in Africa, with a population of about 210 million (January 2021). Nigeria leads behind China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Brazil as having a large population. Nigeria ranks number seven (2.74 percent) in population. In 2019, Nigeria reported an unemployment rate of 8.10 percent. Nigerians work in various industries, including health care, engineering, civil service, law, education, law enforcement, logistics, and technology. When it comes to downtime, Nigerians are not much different than Americans, Canadians, and Europeans. What are some of the top entertainment activities in Nigeria? Find the answer and much more in the content provided in the article below.

Social Media

What People In Nigeria Do For Entertainment

Contrary to belief, Nigeria is a large telecom market, with more than 100 million residents connected to the Internet. In 2019, approximately 250,000 people subscribed to the Internet for the first time, according to the Nigerian Communications Commission report. Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest economies and telecom markets.

Nigerians enjoy social media time, especially tweeting. Many Nigerians admit they are connected to social media whenever possible. These individuals spend a lot of time on Twitter to stay informed of current events.

Nigerians, especially females, like to share how they are feeling with other social media users. Snapchat, Periscope, and Instagram are also popular among Nigerian residents. When Nigerian women are bored, they will oftentimes sign into their social media account to let others know how they are feeling. This behavior is really not that uncommon. In fact, Americans, Canadians, and Europeans do the same almost daily.

Video Porn

 Evidence shows 35 percent of downloads on the World Wide Web were connected to pornography. Around 40 million people living in the United States routinely visit sites with pornography content. A total of 37 videos with pornographic content are produced in America each day. Or, 259 videos with pornographic content are produced in the United States each day.

Nigerian porn addiction is real. The disorder is heavily debated in psychological and psychiatric health care communities. In fact, it is not nearly as acceptable as other addictions, such as gambling.

Online Gaming

Nigerians like their video games. Citizens connected to the Internet enjoy playing video games of varying genres. They visit social media platforms like kaszinó. While not as popular in Nigeria as in the United States, video gaming is a great form of entertainment. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of Nigerians do not have a desktop computer or an Internet connection. Officials continue to push for the Internet throughout the country.

Online gaming offers many benefits – entertainment, social interaction, improved hand-eye coordination, better focus, and improved communication skills.

Window Shopping

Nigerians, especially college students, enjoy window shopping. Whether these Nigerians believe window shopping saves precious time is still unclear. In the United States, window shopping is more common in malls. Women and men alike peer through storefronts to determine if there is something inside worth a closer look. This is a great way to spend a few hours during classes or on weekends.

Nigeria has art galleries and mall stores that can just as easily be enjoyed from the outside than the inside.


Selfies are popular all over the world. People visit special areas just to capture a selfie to share with their social media pals. Nigerian women enjoy capturing images of themselves in special locations, poses, and positions. There is nothing more satisfying than getting a massive response from personal selfies.

Nigerians have selfie collections that continue to grow on a daily basis. Get a free Sportwetten bonus, take a selfie. Wearing a new shirt, take a selfie.


Nigerians also like to relax while others prefer to sleep. Some locals classify sleeping as a form of entertainment. Some go as far as to describe their sleeping habits as a “hobby.” Whatever the case may be, there is nothing more enjoyable than taking a nap. When boredom kicks in, sleeping only makes sense.

Full-time workers, students, parents, and others enjoy napping in their downtime. Whether you only have 15 minutes or a few hours to devote to a nap, it will pay off in the long run. A Pew Research Center study revealed that more men take naps than women. The study also revealed that people in the poor income group were more likely to nap than people in the elite class.


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