A Global Tech Review on the New Infinix Note 10

The latest smartphone in the product line of the Note series, the Infinix Note 10, is a device that was built to ‘Meet Beauty with Strength’. The elements of the new Note 10 are Speed, Beauty, Power, and Strength. The beautiful screen, the bodywork, and the overall design of the device, plus the strength of its processor all come together to provide an extraordinary experience for users. Infinix has gone a step further to bring upgraded and improved features to the new Note 10, while still maintaining affordable pricing for consumers.

The Infinix Note 10 Pro won the IF design award 2021 for its iconic design and flattering colour variants. The brilliant bodywork was followed with this remark by IF World design Guide, “This generation has a single appearance but two different battery cover designs. One is full of symmetrical design aesthetics – “polygonal vertical grating” – while the other has more mysterious shimmering patterns and texture.”

According to Unbox Therapy, “… if entertainment is one of your priorities and you need a budget smartphone the Infinix Note 10 Pro looks like it’s up to the task. The Infinix Note 10 Pro will certainly satisfy with its whopper of a 6.95inch IPS display. It is definitely one for those who want their smartphone to be as big as humanly possible.” And the Tech Chap, a UK top tech YouTuber, further confirmed the screen size by saying, “I really love just how big the screen is. We’ve got nice thin bezels around the edges; we’ve got the hole punch selfie at the top. As I said, 6.95 inches – if you are watching movies or playing games, this is going to give you a really immersive experience.”

Another UK tech reviewer, Tech Spurt said, “The batteries are integrated with ultra power saving mode so you can get an extra 58 hours of call time even when the battery is at 5% capacity”. Another tech reviewer, the Tech Chapalso said,  “We do also have that fast 33W charger, which actually charges up 50 minutes faster than the previous generation of this phone – a nice upgrade there.”

In the words of a British tech reviewer, SuperSarf, “A 90hz refresh rate at this price, that’s just insane. It’s going to make everything very smooth. You will be very surprised to learn that this will be retailing for $259. I think you will be pretty impressed with what this offers for that price.” Just in case you were wondering if the Note 10 is a good buy for your money, there you have it from the tech gurus themselves. So, if you had doubts about what the Note 10 had to offer, be rest assured you’re in good hands.

Confirming every feature that the device is claimed to have, media houses have described the Note 10 smartphone as a value-for-money device that offers high-end features such as impressive entertainment experiences, long-lasting battery, and high-performance processing power.

“Their 6.95” displays (FHD+, 1080×2460) should make any visual application extremely agreeable to use. The panels are based on IPS LCD technology, which typically does quite well in color gamut and maximum brightness (480 NITs).” – Hubert Nguyen, Ubergizmo

“With the new 33W X-Charge a 0-100% charge takes 50 minutes less than it did on the previous Note model. A quick 5-minute top-up is enough for 2 hours of gaming.” – Peter Bonov, GSMArena

Meanwhile, the Note 10 online launch was brimming with thrill and excitement around the main features of the Note 10 – speed, beauty, power, strength – as the functionalities of the new smartphone were tested live. The launch was laced with a beautiful array of speed bikes, luxurious cars, and exotic rides that made for an exhilarating experience and the celebrities sure did have fun showing the fans the most interesting features of the phone. It was a truly entertaining experience for all participants. Watch the video on YouTube here. You can catch the replay for the live stream of the Note 10 launch here and find out how to win amazing prizes.

You can order the device for just N117,400 or N77,100 for Note 10 Pro and Note 10 respectively on ng.Xpark.com and you stand a chance to win a nice gift  For more information, visit the official social media pages @InfinixNigeria on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.