Destruction Of Public Infrastructure Is A Form Of Terrorism: Minister

Lai: Destruction Of Public Infrastructure Is A Form Of Terrorism
Lai Mohammed

Minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed has expressed that destruction of public infrastructure is a form of terrorism.

He said this in the wake of a series of attacks in recent times, targeted at public infrastructure, especially police stations.

Speaking on Monday in Abuja at a town hall meeting on protection of public infrastructure, Lai stated that the removal of rail tracks can cause train derailment with deadly consequences.

He lamented the attacks on government buildings and the killing of security operatives, adding that tampering with aviation infrastructure endangers the lives of travellers.

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“On another level is the incessant attacks on critical public facilities such as police stations and INEC offices. As a matter of fact, the destruction of public infrastructure and facilities is not just vandalism, it is a form of terrorism,” he said.

“Railway tracks are being subjected to wanton destruction, bridge railings are being removed, manhole covers are being pilfered, street lights and other power infrastructure, oil pipelines, telecoms facilities and critical aviation infrastructure are being damaged or stolen.

“Apart from endangering the lives of fellow innocent citizens, such unpatriotic acts take a toll on the government’s limited revenue, as it seeks to replace, rehabilitate or totally reconstruct such destroyed infrastructure.”


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