itel P37: A User’s First-Hand Experience

When social media went agog during itel’s launch of its new P37 smartphone on 21st of May 2021, I became curious. I had bought the itel P36 Pro a few days after its release in June 2020 and I have loved it ever since. So, when I heard about the P37, I asked myself what they could’ve done better or differently.

As an architect, I need my phone to do three important things; last all day long because I mostly cannot charge my phone on site, take great pictures of designs and progress of work, and have big memory to store all my files and photos. As I wouldn’t need to break the bank for it, I bought the itel P37 and it’s been a smooth ride so far? Here’s my honest review of the product.

  • Battery Power

It is quite rare to find a smartphone in the market that offers great flexibility, fun and user-friendly features, and still manages to give superb battery power. There’s a reason the model is tagged “Play with Power”. Just like the P36 Pro, the itel P37 has a big 5000mAh battery which keeps me going all day long. The phone stays on for as long as 24 hours, so I’m able to stay in touch with colleagues and make calls to suppliers whenever we need materials on site without battery worries.

And even when I get home, I can charge up the battery in just 2 hours and unplug before I go to bed. That is enough to keep me in the game the next day. There are some battery-saving features and enhanced safety measures that the itel P37 has, all of which makes it a huge improvement on the itel P36. From the smart saving mode, sleep mode and ultra-saving mode, to the auto-adjusted screen brightness, APP standby optimizer and auto-launch management; all part of the itel P37’s latest AI Power Master which increases battery performance by 10%.

  • Aesthetic Value

I like my phone sleek and trendy; it simply needs to attract, and this is another reason why the itel P37 trumps every other brand or model within its price range. I got the purple variant and I have loved every bit of it. The phone is slim and stylish. It is light and less bulky than most other phones I have used, despite its large screen. You can feel the smoothness when you hold it and enjoy amazing grip. If you don’t like purple, you can make a choice from the dark blue or gradient blue colours available in the market.

  • Budget Phone, Premium Value

The itel P37 sells for N38,700 only. I do not know of any other brand that gives you this much value on a budget. No wonder itel has a reputation as the top Smartphone Brand under $75, and the best Feature Phone Brand in Africa and the global market under $75, as revealed by the International Data Corporation’s report for 2020. When itel said their goal was to empower ordinary people like me to enjoy better life, I know now this is what they meant. I do not need to break the bank to use a functional, premium quality smartphone.

  • Visual Freedom for Work and Play

The waterdrop full screen runs across the entire phone, from top to bottom. This means wider pictures on your screen with three-dimensional image results. For me, this means very good resolution to take pictures on site, showing the edges, lines and curves on structures being worked on. And on the weekends, I thrill myself to great movies and videos with crystal clear visuals.

  • Great Camera

Dual camera mode means I have the regular rear camera for work and the clear front camera for selfies alone and with family and friends. One superb quality is the fact that I get clear pictures even in dark environments. I don’t know much about camera technical terms, but the pack says it has an 8MP AI dual camera. There are also several modes and effects that I play with, including AI Sticker, Smile Shot, Face Beauty, Dark Light Mode and HDR.

  • Large storage, smooth operation

On a typical day on site, I take more than 50 pictures and record several videos to keep a record of activities. I have no worries because the itel P37 offers 32GB internal storage which can store thousands of photos and videos, without affecting the processing speed of the phone. Besides, the 2GB RAM makes sure of that. Apps keep running smoothly and I can do anything without hassles or freeze errors.

  • Security and Privacy

I’ve never been great at remembering passwords, and I’ve had my fair share of troubles in the past. If you’re like me, you’d love the flexibility that the itel P37 offers. With just a fingerprint or a Face ID scan, you can lock and unlock your phone and do all you want for as long as you want. Now your sensitive information is truly safe.

Take home…

You do not need hundreds of thousands to enjoy better life. itel has shown me how and you can join the train as well. If you’re looking for a budget phone that offers superior value, premium enjoyment and long-lasting power, I wholly recommend itel P37 that offers you freedom to Play with Power.

By the way, it is also possible for you to win the itel P37, itel TV, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and other itel accessories in itel’s ongoing promos. So, if you don’t want to purchase the device but would like to get one for free, itel has so many contests for you to join on socials.

Unbox With Olamide Contest On Vskit

This contest is actually quite easy. To get a brand-new itel P37, itel says you should unbox anything you love on the Vskit app using #UnboxWithOlamide to get it. The Vskit app can be downloaded on your favourite app store.

iFamily With My Family Contest on Facebook and Instagram

  1. So, all itel wants you to do here is upload a picture of you and your family with an itel product, post it on Facebook or Instagram using #iFamilyWithMyFamily and itel TVs, P37 smartphones, and other itel Family products could be yours.

Then, there’s the Play With Power Challenge.

Do you love football or having fun in general? This contest needs your entry! All you need to do is join the hashtag #PlayWithPower on the Vskit app, shoot a video of you kicking a ball, and wait for itel to announce the winners.

Easy peasy, right? Just check out @itelnigeria on socials to get started.