Looking for a secure and regulated crypto trading platform? Try INX

Unlike fiat, cryptocurrencies require a seamless, secure and regulated trading platform where thousands of crypto holders can trade easily. Right from the start (2017), the INX platform has been providing the best digital asset ecosystem services to its thousands of users worldwide. It is because the owners have invested more than $8 million to make this platform secure and the best blockchain trading platform. It is the best platform out there to trade security tokens and cryptocurrencies.

Although, with the introduction of various software and mobile-based applications such as British Bitcoin Profit, it has become quite easier to trade cryptocurrencies. But INX platform has some additional features like it supports both institutional and retail investors. Moreover, individual traders can make a significant amount of profit using this platform.

The article provides a handful of insights into some of these additional features along with a step-by-step guide to create an account for the first time.

Benefits of Choosing the INX Platform

The INX platform comes with a lot of benefits. The display of trade notifications assists a lot while using the platform. With the display of such notifications, the user remains active and intact with the crypto world. Furthermore, by making use of certain reporting tools (that come with the platform), you can easily monitor your progress. Plus, all the different kinds of orders like limit, stop, and market are supported within the platform.

However, the main feature that can save you from a lot of trouble and loss is the technical analysis. These technical analysis tools predict the market and you can trade in favorable conditions. Moreover, with the introduction of the Application Programming Interface or API, you can perform various functions seamlessly. From brokers to market traders and makers, this effective interphase assists everyone.

Understanding all the benefits, the article further probes into the step-by-step guide on how to create an account and buy any cryptocurrency.

Start by creating your identity.

While accessing the online platform, you will be displayed a popup. If already registered, you can easily sign in using your email and password. But if you are new to the platform, you will be needing a registered email to trade cryptocurrency. While signing up for the very first time, try to choose the institution option if you are representing a company. However, if you are an individual trader, you will be selecting the other option. After selecting, you will be asked to enter your full name along with a valid email address.

Here, you will be displayed a newsletter offering various deals and discounts on the security tokens. It is recommended to subscribe to this newsletter as it also serves as a guide that can be accessed any time while buying the tokens.

Register yourself by confirming the email address

The email that you provided in the starting process will receive a confirmation email from the INX platform. A message with an embed link will be displayed in the confirmation email. Upon clicking, it will direct you to your INX account. Financial analysts recommend newbies go through all the privacy and cookies policies along with the terms of services offered by the INX platforms. After reading all the policies and terms of services, you will be displayed certain checkboxes. Click the boxes and tap on the register option displayed at the bottom.

At the very next moment, you will receive another email with the title of confirmation. Go through the email and hit on confirm my email. The new window will take you to the sign-in page where you can sign in and start the trading. Congratulations, you have created your account on INX.

Before trading, purchase the security tokens.

Before making the purchase, you will be asked to link a working payment method. Up to your ease, you can choose from the given option i.e. credit card or bank transfers. After selecting your payment method, the next step is to purchase the security tokens. However, if you have selected a credit or debit card as your official payment method, you will be charged a certain service fee.

You can make use of different token sales and get a discount. The website will display a specific time after which, the initial tokens will be transferred to your account. Right after these tokens are transferred into your account, you are eligible for trading. Plus, you can buy and trade different kinds of cryptocurrencies such as altcoins and bitcoins using these tokens.


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