“Would You Rather Be Treated Like A Woman?,” Simi Slams Critics

Many Of Our Parents Raised Their Girls And Let The Boys Raised Themselves — Singer Simi

Popular Nigerian singer, Simi has slammed critics who criticized her over her last post that men and women are raised differently.

The ‘Duduke’ singer wrote:

Bruh if you’re triggered by my last post. Take one minute and think why… Seen a lot of guys saying “if they raise the girls, why are there so many oloshos?” First of all, f***k you.

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Second of all, the things that a woman will do and be called olosho, man go do am, dem go hail am call am Baddest! Why? “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” If you’re a man and you disagree, answer me this – if you had a choice to be treated like a man or woman, at work, in relationships, as parents, in school, would you rather be treated like a woman??”

See her full post below:


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