Ngige To Anambra Voters: Choose Between Freedom, Chains

Ngige To Anambra Voters: Choose Between Freedom, Chains
Chris Ngige

Minister of Labour and Employment, Senator Chris Ngige, has called on the Anambra electorate to make a wise choice in the state’s November 6 governorship election.

On Wednesday, Ngige described the options before voters as a choice between freedom and chains, adding that they had a burden of keeping eternal vigilance over their hard-earned freedom.

Ngige’s comments on the election followed his expression of gratitude to Anambra State Governor, Willie Obiano for the latter’s birthday wishes.

In a statement by the Senator Ngige Media Office, he described Obiano’s wishes as a “truth-telling tribute”, adding, however, that he was “not flattered by the rediscovery, since no amount of suppression can kill the truth.”

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The statement said: “The 34 months renaissance of Senator Chris Ngige as Anambra Governor is indelibly etched on the minds and subconsciousness of the people and it is very unlikely official lies can ever suppress it.

“Ndi-Anambra have been faced with this strange official suppression of their history. Thus, the tribute from our governor is an escape of suppressed official facts from the highest state quarters.

“For the first time, a successor government acknowledged Ngige as the architect of the modern Anambra, thereby smashing the over a decade-long billow of lies from the chimney of mischief at the Government House, Awka.

“Governor Obiano deserves commendation for breaking away from the years-long official suppression of the superlative achievements of the Ngige liberation era.

“And we pray that this political catharsis by our governor will break further bounds so that Ndi-Anambra will continue to be bound in freedom. The scripture is sacrosanct. ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set ye free!’”


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