‘Self Love Is Not Selfish,’ Says Alibaba

Comedian Alibaba

Veteran Nigerian comedian, Alibaba has shared that self love is not selfish because we all need to make ourselves our priority sometimes.

The ace stand-up comedian and actor shared his take on his official Instagram page.

He wrote:

Self love is not selfish. Have you noticed that even your phone begins to misbehave when whatever stuff you have saved on it takes too much storage space for it to operate.

When it has started slowing the phone operation down, the phone advices you to delete somethings to give it room to give you optimal performance.

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Once in a while take yourself to see a movie. Once in a while take yourself to a good restaurant, order a good 3 course meal and treat yourself. Once in a while, make no sacrifices.

Once in a while, say sorry, I can’t, I have previous commitments. Spend time with you. Once in a while, let you be you. Let you be priority. Trust me the world will wait.”


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