Why Support The Friends Of Nigeria Basketball Foundation

There are always big and exciting things going on in Africa. Just look at how the country has grown technologically and economically over the last few years. There are always exciting things going on in the world of basketball as well. You combine the two and it would only be safe to assume that you are going to be left with a recipe of potential excitement, unlike any other. And, that’s exactly what you get. This is probably why basketball has become such a staple to the country, especially in Nigeria. The area now even has its very own foundation, where people and organizations from around the world can donate money and support the cause.


What Are The Friends of Nigerian Basketball Foundation?

Unfortunately, you’ve probably not heard of this Foundation. It’s been around for a little while now, but still somewhat relatively new. That being said, it’s a foundation that’s making big waves and making them in a big way. This Foundation is a non-profit organization organized and declared Delaware law. It applies with the IRS tax-exempt status and became officially retroactive on April 5th, 2021. The Foundation’s main goal is to amplify and support the global sport of basketball at all levels of engagement and competition.

They want to encourage positive international, national, community, and individual relationships with the nation of Nigeria and those who are connected to the area.


A Brief History Of Nigerian Basketball

Basketball as a sport has always been widely popular in Nigeria, although not very successful. The men’s national basketball team got its start with the FIBA in 1964, but from that time to 1995 they never achieved better than a 5th place ranking. It was in 1992 when the team did finish in 5th in the FIBA African Championships. This is an Africa-wide FIBA qualifying tournament that takes place every two years. It was during the years 1995 to 2017 that the team started to see real success and notoriety.

It was during this time that they place in the top 3 of the Championship eight times. (1995, 1999, 2003, 2005, 2011, 2015, and 2017). During that year in 2015, they claimed the Championship and solidified their place as an up-and-coming powerhouse. The team has gone on to earn its place among the top leading competitors today. However, they just haven’t had the talent or the proper organizational tools to be able to compete with the world powers, and that’s where the Friends of Nigerian Basketball hope to help out.


Support Could Lead To More Opportunities

You might be surprised to believe it, but supporting this Foundation could lead to more exciting things for your business if you are a business owner. This is because there are a lot of exceptional organizations supporting this Foundation. HallPass Media, for example. They are a huge sponsor and digital media and brand consulting partner. They are responsible for helping establish, originate, and steer the FONB brand, message, and growth through a wide range of facets in the organization. They have been working hard to develop opportunities for Team Nigeria and their efforts to grow in the United States.

HallPass Media is easily regarded as one of the top sports marketing agencies in the world in the sports business. If you bet with online quality gambling providers like jili slot, you likely already know this. They are responsible for developing some of the biggest basketball events in the world. With a specialty in brand consulting, sales, marketing, event development, and execution, they have their fingers in a lot of pies. Getting involved with a company like this and supporting the same cause could help your business’s efforts in other areas.


Excellent Leadership

Sometimes it takes more than just raw talent to be a winning team. Sure, raw talent can get you far, but it will not make you consecutively successful. This is something that takes good leadership. You need a good solid foundation. And, that’s just what Mike Brown brings to the table. With him now at the helm of Team Nigeria the sky may be the limit for this organization. He has already led the team to a historic win over Team USA at the Olympics and this was something right out of the history books. This is just one more reason to support this ever-growing Foundation.