“An Igbo man that’s wooing me doesn’t even give me discount when I buy items from his shop” – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady with the name, Ebubechukwu, has taken to Twitter to praise an Igbo man who though is making advances at her, won’t let his feelings disrupt his retail transactions with her.

Ebube took to her page to share a tweet of how her said admirer makes sure to not let his feelings get in the way of his business when dealing with her.

Ebube shared that the said Igbo man does not give her a discount whenever she goes to purchase items from his shop. According to her, after she is done paying for the item, the man then continues with his advances at her.

Concluding her tweet, she then hailed him for being a focused man, adding that she does not like “mumu” men.

She wrote in her tweet,

“This igbo man likes me but i pay for every single item i buy from his shop. He doesn’t even give me any discount and I don’t mind.

N550 is N550

Once I am done buying, he would start chyking me from where he stopped on whatsapp.

I stan a focused king.

I no dey like mumu men.”

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