Comedian MC Morris accuses Simi of turning her back on him & others who helped her grow after she made it in the industry

A Canada-based Nigerian comedian, Mc Morris, has taken to social media to call out popular singer, Simi.

Comedian MC Morris has accused Simi of turning her back on him after he put his resources into helping her grow in the industry.

He alleged that he shared his platform with Simi and used his personal resources to transport Simi to events so she can be seen and embraced.

He added that when Simi caused damages in the course of doing her job, he paid the debts.

However, he claims that when she became successful, she forgot him, refused to recommend him for shows, and demanded he pays when he invited her to his show.

He shared throwback photos of him and Simi and said he chose to speak up now so he can have a clear mind.

Read his claims below:

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  1. Maybe something is wrong with this MC Morris.
    If he helped Simi because they were lovers, he should have seriously enjoyed her properly and thoroughly and given it to her regularly and strongly. He can’t be complaining now that they are far apart.
    If he helped Simi because they were friends, then he should not be expecting returns. It is up to Simi to reciprocate and retaliate, or not. He does not have a right to demand anything.
    If he helped Simi because of business, then he messed up triple big time. He should have made her sign a long term management contract, etc before investing his money on her career, so he could make his money back and also make a profit.
    If he helped Simi as a Christian, then the love should be Agape [Unconditional] Love. He should not expect anything from her. Instead, he should be celebrating her success.


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