Don’t mistake old age for longevity, Be careful of what you do in your youth — Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo

Nollywood actor Kanayo O Kanayo recently took to his social media page to advise Nigerian youths about living a righteous life.

According to the thespian, not every old person has longevity in their lineage as God may be preserving them for punishment.

Using the people in civil service as an example, the actor said when they are in power, they act like they are going to be there forever.

He said:

“Do you think everybody who is old has longevity in his lineage? I think otherwise. Some people are kept by God to serve out their punishment of what they did when they were younger. When you see some old men around you, don’t think it’s longevity. God is punishing them for what they did to humanity, to people’s wives when they were reigning. Be careful of what you do when you are within the ages of 25 and 45.”

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