Iyabo Ojo Calls Out Funke Akindele Over Toyin Abraham’s New Movie, ‘The Ghost And The Tout Too’

Iyabo Ojo Calls Out Funke Akindele Over Toyin Abraham's New Movie, 'The Ghost And The Tout Too'
Iyabo Ojo, Funke Akindele

Nollywood actress, Iyabo Ojo, has called out Funke Akindele over their colleague, Toyin Abraham’s new movie titled The Ghost and the Tout Too.

It so happened that Cinema Pointer, a movie review page on Instagram wrote a review of the newly-released movie.

Not Recommended for intelligent people. Over the years, we have told you many truths but non Greater than this: Intelligent minds were not taken into consideration at all in the writing and in the making of ‘Ghost and The Tout Too’. Thusly, intelligent minds will not enjoy it at all,” the review reads.

The review goes further to compare The Ghost and The Tout Too to Funke Akindele’s Omo Ghetto: The Saga, highlighting that Funke Akindele’s movie is the standard that Toyin Abraham‘s movie wants to copy but fails woefully at.

Regardless of how flagrantly it copycats off ‘Ómó Ghetto: The Saga’ desperately hoping to shine like it. Unlike that one ‘The Ghost and The Tout Too’ doesn’t understand that movie-making is rooted in brain-work and not in using cinema to do “Yahoo”, abusing stardoms to fleece fandoms.”

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The review did not stop there as it further encourages people not to go to the cinemas to watch it but rather stay at home to watch Akindele’s Omo Ghetto: The Saga on Netflix.

Commenting on the post, Iyabo Ojo claims that Funke paid Cinema Pointer to discredit Toyin Abraham’s hard work.

How much did Funke pay you to write this rubbish? The day she begins to find ways not to talk to bad about her fellow colleagues or discredit their work or personality, that day she will begin to experience inner peace,” she wrote.

See her full comment below:

The actress’s comment