Nigeria’s Foreign Minister, Onyeama, Accused Of Treason, Sabotage (Documents)

Onyeama: Landlord Threatening To Eject Nigerian Embassy In Hungary Over Owed Rent
Geoffrey Onyeama

By Gbenga Odunsi, Lagos

Geoffrey Onyeama, Nigeria’s foreign minister, has been accused of treason and sabotaging Nigerians in the diaspora by a former Ambassador to Namibia, Lilian Onoh — in a petition to President Muhammadu Buhari.
The former Ambassador accused Onyeama of treason and sabotage, a serious accusation that must be investigated, especially because the Ambassador didn’t write anonymously but also gave evidence of Onyeama’s actions which she experienced while representing Nigeria in Namibia.
The petition, as seen by Information Nigeria, cited many occasions that Onyeama actually colluded with foreign authorities to oppress and mistreat Nigerians in diaspora, including the rounding up of Nigerians and Africans in China during the early days of Covid-19, when Onyeama gave the Chinese government’s viewpoint to justify the detention of Nigerians and Africans in China.
The former Ambassador to Namibia also alleged that Onyeama sabotaged her efforts to protect Nigerians in Namibia from xenophobic Namibian security agencies and even colluded with the Namibian foreign secretary to ensure that Nigerians in Namibia were rounded up and deported without reason.
In a damning indictment, Onoh alleged that Onyeama sent his own accountant to Namibia to loot the Embassy’s coffers on his behalf, and went far as to protect a Namibian lady known as Miss Signorita who stole thousands of Dollars from the Embassy because the lady may have been stealing on his behalf.
The former Ambassador also alleged that Onyeama regularly sabotaged efforts by diplomats to protect Nigerians in the diaspora. She alleged that the demolition of the Embassy’s property in Ghana was because of this pattern of behaviour from Onyeama.
She further alleged that the consulate in Atlanta was defrauding Nigerians with his protection and gave evidence of Onyeama’s press releases in defence of the consulate and the crooked Nigerian business centre in Atlanta.
This may not come as a surprise to Nigerians in the diaspora who regularly complain that the embassies don’t protect their interests when they have problems with foreign countries.
But, in this case, an Ambassador trying to protect Nigerians alleged that her own foreign secretary actually colluded with foreigners to abuse Nigerians and even attacked the Ambassador trying to protect Nigerians.
A staff of the ministry, who pleaded anonymity, explained that the petition is responsible for Onyeama’s response to the Indonesian brouhaha, adding that the minister wanted to bury the incident without further action until his advisers reminded him of the petition.
However, after the media circus, Onyeama is alleged to have colluded with the Indonesians and they backtracked from the initial apology and began to accuse the Nigerian victim of attacking them first. No further action other than the media coverage has taken place.
Onyeama is alleged to have paid heavily for favourable media coverage on his handling of the Indonesian incident and hired several columnists to promote his handling of this matter, but according to high ranking diplomats in the system, Onyeama will not do anything else.
Since the petition was sent to President Buhari in June, the President is rumoured to be shopping around for Onyeama’s replacement from APC party faithful in Enugu State, but Onyeama is fighting back by destabilising the party in his state to distract the President from choosing his replacement without being accused of favouring one faction than others.
Ambassador Lilian Onoh
There are speculations that the former Governor of Enugu State, Sullivan Chime, also a lawyer, may replace Onyeama after the forthcoming United Nations general assembly, according to a well-placed source inside APC.
The petition was written by Ambassador Onoh, the daughter of the late Governor of Enugu State, Chief C C Onoh, himself a well-known anti-corruption crusader and is sequel to an Open Letter on Corruption in the Ministry of foreign affairs that exposed widespread looting of funds which Onyeama is alleged to be part of.
With only a year and nine months before President Buhari’s exit, Nigerians, Africans, and the world seem to have accepted that President Buhari’s war against corruption is hogwash from the beginning and the most likely outcome of these very serious allegations of treason again Onyeama will amount to nothing. That is why Nigerians in the diaspora will continue to be treated like garbage by foreign countries.
Efforts to get reactions from the Onyeama was frustrated by security operatives barred Information Nigeria reporter from gaining access to the Foreign Affairs Ministry at Federal Secretariat, Central Business District, in Abuja.
See petition below:


    • I think thisc s the wicked ambassador in Ukraine in 2013. He was very wicked to Nigerian students in Ukraine. Usless man. That is what he used to tell us when we complained that ukraine is treating us bad. Everytime is the same question “where is your evidence?”. Its people like him that Onoh is complained about.

  1. This isoh is funny o. The petition is clear and onyeama gave news conference reporting that the diplomat attacked Indonesia police first. Please if you are a real Ambassador try to take time to read and you will see that onyeama is a saboteur. Ambassador Onoh was very clear and the evidence is in the twitter and Nigeria newspaper. Learn to read sir.

  2. Onyeama is also very corrupt and weak and he is a coward. That is why he use people like this Frank Isoh to defend himself. Everybody in MFA knows Onoh is telling the truth. That is why she can put her name openly without fear.
    Everyday the Senate is investigating Onyeama for corruption and our diaspora is complaining about our embassy.. Buhari must change him.

    • Please sir check your facts . It’s the family member that dumped onyeama.
      Anyway the issue is Onyeama’s work and I’m sure maybe you have not been following news online because since onyeama took over Nigerians have been complaining about corruption in the embassy abroad. If a whole ambassador can write and say he is committing treason and sabotage and she has worked for over 28 years and knows her stuff then I believe she is telling the truth. Remember he is a political appointee from abroad and maybe he is a foreign agent in the government.

  3. I have just read the full petition and I am shocked that DSS have not arrested the Minister. What other evidence can a whole Ambassador give before the DSS arrests him or is it only criticising Buhari that they don’t like?
    I am even shocked that the Minister who says he is fighting corruption on the foreign angle is not ashamed to meet other diplomats but I suppose that he is now shameless.
    Kudos to the brave Ambassador but she must know that speaking the truth in Nigeria is a thankless job.