Reps Minority Leader: APC-Led Government Only Borrowing — But Can’t Create Wealth

Reps Minority Leader: APC-Led Government Only Borrowing — But Can’t Create Wealth
Ndudi Elumelu

Minority leader of the House of Representatives, Ndudi Elumelu has expressed that the All Progressives Congress (APC) lacks the strategy to create wealth creation for the country.

Elumelu stated that the ruling party is only interested in “reckless borrowing” which has “wrecked the naira”.

The lawmaker made this remark on Friday at the inauguration of the national convention planning committee of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) at the party’s headquarters in Abuja.

Elumelu stated that the opposition party is Nigeria’s only hope to “returning” to a life of security and economic prosperity.


“Our gathering here today for the inauguration of the 2021 national convention organising committee of our great party, the Peoples Democratic Party, is indeed a major step towards the task of galvanising our party and Nigerians in general for the task ahead,” he said.

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“It is significant because it marks the beginning of a strategic repositioning in our determined march with Nigerians to rescue and take back our dear nation from the stranglehold and misrule of the All Progressives Congress-led government.

“I have no doubt in my mind, that with the calibre of leaders and members of this all-important committee, our great party is on the right path for a very successful national convention and ultimate victory in 2023.

“Indeed, Nigerians are reassured and inspired by the unity and oneness of purpose prevalent in our party today.

“Their utmost solidarity resides with the PDP in their determination to oust the incompetent, corrupt, divisive and violent APC-led government and we must not let them down.

“This is because their only hope of returning to a life of peace, security, national cohesion and economic prosperity is in returning the PDP to power come 2023.

“In the last six years, the APC-led government has shown itself to be nothing but a power-grabbing contraption, which has no interest in governance and the wellbeing of Nigerians.

“That is why the APC-led government has no strategy for wealth creation but only interested in reckless borrowing, policy inconsistencies and treasury looting to devastate our economy and wreck the naira which our party handed over to them at N167 to a dollar in 2015 to a disgraceful N567 to a dollar today.

“The APC-led government has compromised our national security and is now superintending over escalated bloodletting, terrorism and unrelenting acts of banditry to the extent that mass killing is becoming a new normal in our country.

“It is indeed pathetic that under the APC-led government, all the productive sectors of our country have been crippled. Infrastructural decay and skyrocketed costs of food and essential commodities have made life unbearable in Nigeria. The only hope is returning the PDP to power in 2023 and we must not fail our compatriots.”


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