Some Politicians Worse Than Bandits, Says Gumi

Some Politicians Worse Than Bandits, Says Gumi
Sheikh Ahmad Gumi

Popular Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi has expressed that some politicians are worse than bandits as more Nigerians had been killed by the effect of mismanagement of resources than banditry.

Gumi stated this in an opinion piece on his Facebook page titled, ‘War has never been a solution anywhere, anytime’.

The cleric stated that some Nigerians had died from cholera because of lack of clean potable water.

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He said, “Some of the politicians, who I see as urban-bandits, out of their share mismanagement of our meager resources and misplacement of priority, cause the death and infirmity of more people than the effect of bandits.

“Of recent, how many Nigerians die of cholera – a water-borne disease – because of lack of simple clean water to drink, or typhoid, malaria and malnutrition?

“A nation with a maternal mortality rate of almost 500,000 per annum because of the lack of adequate maternal health facilities and qualified staff. A country where its highly-priced medical personnel are looking for a window to escape the inferno. Such a country, please!”


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