Transporting a car should never be taken lightly

Hiring someone to transport any personal property can be a nerve racking experience. As the value of the item goes up, the chance for loss grows as well. The good news is that there are many options and experienced, dependable services available. Companies that specialize in this area are numerous. Methods and price ranges are varied. With some research, even the most precious cargo should end up in good hands.


Travel by truck and trailer

Perhaps the most common method of moving a vehicle is on, or in, a trailer. This can be by way of an open trailer, inside an enclosed trailer, or towed with a car dolly. Open trailers are the most utilized way of hauling. An enclosed trailer offers the highest level of protection. Inside four walls, the vehicle is fully protected from traffic and natural elements. There will be no exposure to weather, branches, or airborne rocks. A dolly can be towed by virtually any truck, making it the most practical option for most people.


In essence, the car is becomes its own trailer. Rear wheels stay in contact with the road and roll right along. Dollies are used most often for people who are hauling themselves. Coaches and motorhomes that have a smaller vehicle tagging along are using a dolly. This allows the travelers to have a smaller vehicle to drive around when they are at their location.


Trains, ships, and planes for long distance transport

Trains can be a great way to move a car long distances in a reasonable amount of time. According to, 65 to 70 percent of new vehicles sold in America will spend some time on the train system before they are delivered by an 18 wheel truck.


Highly specialized vehicles, such as one of a kind concept cars and the president’s limo, are often moved around by way of air travel. This is not practical in most cases due to the high expense. Freight carriers are used when importing and exporting. Thousands can be carried at a time on a large vessel. On the large scale of number and distance, this is the only feasible way to accomplish the feat.



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