Types of Vehicle tracking

The popularity of vehicle tracking systems is growing rapidly amongst the number of companies. This system helps in increasing efficiency and reducing downtime of workers. Most of these tracking systems comprises of the component in the vehicle and combined with central system in the headquarters. Hence it helps the fleet managers to have all the information about the vehicle.


In earlier days, drivers needed a great deal of paper information with them at all times to know where they were going and to record their daily business. Now days with the help of GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system drivers get precise directions and simultaneously records how operative was at the location. This information is necessary for cutting down the operational costs. Managers have realized the benefits of vehicle tracking devices for increasing the efficiency to the company.


There are three types of vehicle tracking systems available in the market which are as follows:


  1. Cellular-based tracking

The cost of setting up is cheaper compared to other types. It uses local cell phone network to track vehicle details giving you updates every five minutes. This information is not real time and can be delayed by twenty minutes depending on the price of the system. Information is available through internet for a monthly cost. The main disadvantage of this system is that it will not be able to record any information if your vehicle is in low or no network coverage area.


  1. Wireless passive tracking

Wireless passive tracking system is a one time investment. This system is a bit expensive but you don’t have to pay monthly fees for the information provided. The biggest disadvantage of this system is that records can be viewed only after vehicle returns to the owner. Hence this system will not be of any help when vehicle is stolen or lost. Now days many people have started installing wireless modems to these devices to view information even without the memory card of GPS car tracking system in vehicle. With the use of this additional device many people feel that this system is better as there are no monthly costs involved.


  1. Satellite based real time tracking

The biggest advantage of this system is that it works nationwide and hence you can track the vehicle anywhere in the country. It is ideally suitable for shipping and trucking companies. The only disadvantage is that system is that system gives detailed information due to which minute details of your vehicle’s location, direction or speed will not be traced.


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