3 Ways Your College Student Can Use Self-Storage

As college comes to an end and either graduation takes place or a summer break is in order, your college student may be searching for somewhere to store their items. Self-storage units are a wonderful option and a convenient choice for college kids.

Here are three ways that your college student can make good use of self-storage.

Use the unit to keep extra clothes and necessities

Okay, we get it – your dorm is not that big AND you usually have to share it with someone else too. We have seen just how tiny the living space and closet space is and we feel for you. Fortunately, the solution to your problems is finding a self-storage unit near you.

Clothes are required on campus, which means you need them. If you are anything like most people, you have multiple outfits, hoards of shoes, and tons of different accessories to go with the outfits. With that said, there is just not enough room for all of this in your dorm.

You can utilize a self-storage unit as a personal closet for all of your extra clothes and necessities. Simply rent a small 5×5 unit and keep these items inside. If you choose a storage facility near your campus, you can easily access the unit before a night on the town and look your best.

By renting a storage unit and keeping your excess clothes inside, you do not have to play favorites and choose between the different outfits you have – bring them all!

Use the unit to help you move

Moving is part of college life and you will likely do it at least a few times while you are enrolled. Many people think of storage a s a long-term ordeal, but it is important to understand that short-term rentals are available. In fact, some units can be rented for a single month and that’s it. The amount of time you need a unit for is up to you and can be adjusted based on your needs.

One way you can use your self-storage unit is to assist you in the moving in and out process. It can be complicated to move around and leave you stressed out. Plus, who wants to haul all their items, furniture, and clothes home for the summer just to bring them all right back? Um, no one. A storage unit will allow you to keep the items safe and near campus to make moving simple, seamless, and stress free.

Use the unit to store your vehicle

If you have a vehicle but do not need it while you are on campus, self-storage is a great option. Here, you can store your vehicle safely for when you do need it, even if it is just a couple times per month.

Self-storage is a wonderful option for college students

Self-storage is a great option for college students as it is affordable and provides a place to keep their belongings safe while they are on break or during a transition. Make sure to check out facilities near campus to make accessing your items easy and convenient.