Bakare Meets With Buhari, Kicks Against ‘Immature’ Clamour For Power Rotation

Bakare Meets With Buhari, Kicks Against ‘Immature’ Clamour For Power Rotation
Bakare, Buhari

Founder of Citadel Global Community Church, Pastor Tunde Bakare has stated that the region where the next president comes from does not matter.

He stated this while speaking with reporters at the presidential villa after meeting President Muhammadu Buhari on Friday.

Bakare said Nigerians are only bothered about a leader who will ensure that the country prospers.

The pastor said the “immaturity” of the citizens is responsible for “making us say power must either be in the north or be in the south, instead of looking for the best”.

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“Listen to me, if where the president comes from will make the place he has come from to be better, the northern part of Nigeria should be richest and should be the most progressive and the most developed because out of 61 years, the north has produced either the president or heads of state for 40 to 41 years and yet, see the retrogression in the north,” he said.

“If it’s from the south, why should a person like President Obasanjo freeze and seize the account of Lagos state in his own tenure? If it’s from south-south or south-east, why couldn’t President Jonathan use all his powers to develop south-south/south-east?

“If there are agreements between politicians on rotation, a bargain is a bargain. That is between them. But as far as this country is concerned, what we need at this stage is a man who can drive us to the Eldorado.”


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