Fayemi Calls For Law To Compel Governments To Complete Outstanding Projects

Fayemi Orders Resumption Of All Workers In Ekiti

Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi has expressed the need for a transition law to encourage the completion of outstanding projects.

He stated this while speaking during an interview on Sunrise Daily, a Channels Television programme, on Thursday.

He stated that governments should imbibe a sense of duty that will motivate them to complete projects that will serve the people.

Citing Lagos as an example, the former minister said the continuous transformation and commercial boom in the state are only possible because of the leaders’ commitment to continuity.

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He said the projects that were started by Ayodele Fayose, former governor of Ekiti, were completed by his administration.

“We ought to have a transition law that really encourages governments that take over from other governments to as much as possible complete outstanding projects,” he said.

“In Ekiti, because we don’t have much resources, there is likely not to be white elephant projects but there are likely to be projects that will serve the people.

“Governor Fayose started a central market in Ado Ekiti which was about 55 percent completed when I came in 2018, and we completed the market because it’s for the people of Ekiti.

“It is not for Fayemi, it is not an ego massaging vehicle, it is about service delivery. It is about the development of our state. And that’s what informed that law.

“I hope the people that take over this state after I leave are those that have a sense of duty and a sense of patriotism to want to continue from where I stopped rather than subtract from it.

“The magic of Lagos that many people talk about now is continuity. The new governor will not come and abandon what the last government has done. He would strive.

“I think this is a culture to imbibe for the overall benefit of our country, there are so many abandoned projects in this country that it is unbelievably a waste of money, and we need to change that culture.”


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